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Passenger Vessels

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Electri? cation

Operators are now faced with more expensive engines as well as higher operating cost with Tier 4 and current rates market day rates do not allow for any additional cost, may it be operational or capital. – Dave Lee, Senior Accounts Manager for ABB

Marine and Ports’ Americas Inland River,

Tug and Offshore Sector including zero emission port stays, a spinning power re- Flexible power and beyond serve, peak shaving, enhanced dynamic performance and The gist of the USS Zumwalt and the Littoral class vessels strategic loading all of which can have a positive ? nancial, is to have power availability when you need it, where you need safety and environmental impact for the operator. We are it. This is true for commercial operators as well and highlights also seeing a lot of development of fuel cells for oceangoing a notable bene? t of electric and hybrid electric propulsion. and deep-sea applications and believe that there is signi? - “The greatest bene? t is utilizing only the power you need at cant potential for operator bene? ts.” a particular time versus having all the equipment online and

Guided-missile destroyer

USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000)

Timothy Schumaker / U.S. Navy | MN January 2021 28

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