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Passenger Vessels

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...We are also seeing a lot of development of fuel cells for oceangoing and deep-sea applications and believe that there is signi? cant potential for operator bene? ts. – Bruce Strupp, Marine and

Ports Senior Account Manager,

Ferry Sector, ABB not needing the available power,” adds David Lee of ABB. “In other words, in a battery hybrid system you can utilize the batteries to not start a separate generator when there is a load demand for only a short period. In a traditional system you must have all the main engines on plus whatever number of generators all the time if you need the power or not. This correct utilization of power decrease both the cost of mainte- nance and the cost of fuel compared to the vessels of today.”

This ? exibility will yield a host of bene? t that goes be- yond strictly vessel operation and attractive features for owners who may prosper from its ? exibility. Beyond such ? exibility though, is the use of a system that is cleaner, often quieter and more manageable for the crew than traditional diesels bringing fossil fuels. Then there’s also the environmental bene? t atop all other. As with the USS

Zumwalt, the overarching bene? ts of electric and hybrid electric power will unlatch new possibilities for marine propulsion and the environments in which they operate. “Our vision is that this technology will not only help operators meet their emissions requirements but will create cleaner harbors and waterways in the places where we live, work and visit,” adds Peter Brooks of BAE. “The system it- self allows for a very ? exible install, giving naval architects greater freedom to maximize the use of vessel space. In ad- dition to emissions reduction, operators bene? t from re- duced operating costs, while also improving passenger and crew comfort with quieter and smoother vessel operation.”

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