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Passenger Vessels

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Electri? cation

There are challenges with the energy density of fuels that are safe to submerge, creating the need for larger platforms, which drives a cost increase,”...“Safe transportation, storage and handling are also challenges, as you combine volatile materials such as lithium, hydrogen or heavy fuels.

– Joe Wolfel, CEO, Terradepth Inc. that requires signi? cant post-sale support and cannot be erations, there’s still potential for the marine oceangoing supported by third parties. This is a change for some op- sector as well. erators who are used to managing maintenance internally “Operators tend to see more dramatic bene? ts in short or being able to select quali? ed contractors and could be a distance shipping applications for zero emission and hybrid barrier for some public agencies.” applications but there are still some bene? ts for deep sea

Bruce Strupp is ABB’s marine and ports senior account and oceangoing vessels,” Strupp says. “We are seeing some manager for the ferry sector. Strupp contends that while oceangoing and deep-sea vessels install batteries to capture electric propulsion seems to favor inland and littoral op- electricity that can be used in a multitude of different ways MN 27|

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