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and processing platforms at Tyra East and Tyra West. The removed topsides will be replaced by one new process-

Allseas’ giant catamaran Pioneering Spirit was employed ing platform and one new accommodation platform. The for this part of the campaign, removing both topsides in four wellhead platforms and two riser platforms will have single lifts. their jackets extended by 10-13 meters.

The 14,000 tonne TEA topsides and 7,800 tonne TWA The part with jackets brings us back to the eight-legged topsides were removed with the vessel’s motion-compensated stallion, the Sleipnir, but unlike the previous trip that was all topsides lift system. For the smaller, lighter structures, the ves- about decommissioning, this one is about installation.

sel’s new aft-mounted 5000 t crane was deployed. Namely, the Sleipnir in September returned to the Tyra lo-

The two topsides will be dismantled at the recycling yard cation, where it then installed two new Dragados Offshore-

M.A.R.S. in Frederikshavn, and more than 95 percent of the built jackets, which form the foundation for the new Tyra old platforms are expected to be recycled. process and accommodation platforms. The two jackets were “The recycling of old Tyra is to date the largest offshore the frst new jacket structures delivered and installed for the recycling project carried out in Denmark, “Noreco said in Tyra redevelopment project.

August. Commenting on the installation of the jackets, David

The Pioneering Spirit is not done with decom work yet, as B. Cook, who became CEO of Noreco in July 2020, said: the vessel will return to the feld in 2021 and 2022, to remove “The delivery and installation of these jackets is an important the TWA jacket in 2021 and the TEA jacket in 2022. achievement for the project and a true testament to our ability to consistently deliver in-line with expectations, in both a safe and predictable manner. The milestone marks a clear shift for the Tyra Redevelopment project, moving our focus onto com- pleting the new modules. Each milestone moves us toward a state-of-the-art facility in the North Sea. “The Tyra Redevelopment will not only improve safety and increase Noreco’s production as well as operational effcien- cy, but also at the same time lower CO2 emissions and unit costs,” Cook said.

According to info on Noreco’s website, the use of new technology and modernized working processes will see Tyra’s operating effciency increase, and at the same time reduce

CO2 intensity.

Total expects that the redeveloped Tyra will reduce 30% of

CO2 emissions, 90% of faring, and improve overall opera- tional energy effciency.

What’s Next?

With the installation of new jackets, the new phase – the installation phase – started for Tyra.

The next milestones are for the new topside modules cur- rently being built to be delivered from the yards and trans- ported to the Danish Continental Shelf for installation.

The wellhead and riser modules are currently being built in

Singapore, the accommodation module in Italy and the pro- cessing module in Indonesia.

The topsides are expected to sail away in 2021 and are slat- ed for the installation at the Tyra in the same year, ahead of the frst gas in 2022. Once online, the redeveloped Tyra will produce enough gas to power 1.5 million homes in Denmark, with production at peak expected at 60000 boepd.


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