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The COVID-19 pandemic has fast-tracked multiple digi- physical visits by putting ‘virtual experts’ on station for a frac- talization trends across multiple industries, and Seinuah sees tion of the time and investment.

this as a driver for the engageSubsea platform, which is de- With a strong communication link Baker Huges can re- signed to deliver the ability to tie together assets at a global motely ‘send’ an inspector out to a rig via the Engage Sub- level, reducing regionalized inventory holding by 50% on a sea platform, “and our Baker Hughes team can do the test typical fve-well feld. for you without you moving an inch,” said Seinuah, saving

In addition, it’s helping to cut costly transport and person- time, costs, and reducing the carbon footprint associated nel requirements – in some cases up to 60% – by replacing with the journey.

Source: Baker Hughes


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