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Equipment Integrity & Flow Assurance The Mantra Today: Cut Costs

Ultimately, the proftability of any feld is dependent on It’s little secret that cutting costs of offshore oil and gas pro- keeping equipment running, keeping product fowing in the duction is the price of entry today for any supplier, cutting most effcient and reasonable manner. In this regard, Baker costs without sacrifcing safety. Digital solutions are the key

Hughes’ Integrity Management System (IMS) is geared to to this endeavor. “Cutting costs is a big one, and our custom- predictive maintenance for the feld; while its fow metering is ers are pushing us,” said Seinuah. “We feel their pain, and we geared toward production optimization. need to show them innovative ways to provide a service to “In IMS platform we have Apps – hydraulic, electrical, ac- them and meet their needs at a reasonable price.” tuator and comms apps, for example,” said Seinuah. Once the effort is made to connect and display the data, “we can run trends across the entire feld. With IMS we can run trends for a long period, and provide real insight, based on their real- data use model, on when an actuator, for example, should be replaced before it breaks down.”

Flow measuring, on the other hand, is all about production.

But it’s not simply measuring real time fow, rather looking ahead and having the ability to run a ‘what if’ scenario to fore- cast production fows for the coming year(s). “This is taking it to the next level,” said Seinuah.

Baker Hughes can connect its fow meter system to a reser- voir model, melding data to help forecast production. In this regard it allows Baker Hughes and the customer to look at a well’s current characteristics as well as its future trajectory to help advise on actions needed today to mitigate, for example, a projected sharp drop off in the reservoir in the next year.

One Size Does NOT Fit All

While Seinuah and his team are quick to discuss the merits and benefts of digitalization, he is equally swift to discuss the human element, the process to engage, discuss and discover problems and solutions with the customer, because when it comes to digitalization there is not a standard solution.

“The thing about data is you don’t simply walk in and say ‘I’m going to give you a digital solutions’ or ‘I’m going to give you the engageSubsea Platform,’” said Seinuah. The frst step is a gap analysis to see the information that is being collected, to determine the information that needs to be collected, and to determine the best means to outft the array of equipment to effciently, accurately, gather that data. And while much of the focus traditional focuses on the equipment, he said the review is on all elements, system wide, saying it might be an issue with sensors in one case, a communications problem in another. “Sometimes when you have signals coming from the subsea equipment … you need a modem that gives us a favor of the traffc fow, and we can analyze and tell the customer that the problem is comms, not sensors.” 22 OFFSHORE ENGINEER OEDIGITAL.COM

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