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placed along the drill pipe, helped in un- to act upon real-time downhole data to

Stephen Forrester

DRILLING derstanding those vibrations in real time improve drilling ef? ciency and to avoid has worked at NOV while drilling through some relatively problems related to downhole condi- as a marketing/ hard formations. Downhole torque was tions. Also, high-speed telemetry will technical communi- used to ensure the bit was responding to potentially improve placement of our cations writer since changes in parameters, including RPM wells in the reservoirs.” 2014. He researches

Integrated technology packages will and executes and weight on bit (WOB). Following some continue to grow in importance as the strategic marketing spikes in downhole torque, the PDC bit industry searches for safer and more communications and technical writing torque response changed and did not ef? cient ways of drilling in challenging opportunities to support the company’s increase with higher WOB. Off-bottom frontiers, and operators such as Statoil, diverse businesses. Before joining NOV, stick-slip also appeared, indicating tight who are eager to implement digital solu- Stephen worked for the oil and gas hole conditions, and erratic internal tions, will continue to drive future de- division of Lloyd’s Register as a techni- pressure readings were measured by the velopments of more advanced products cal editor. Stephen holds both a BA and

BlackStream tools while circulating off and technologies. MA in English from the University of bottom. While the ECD was consistent with ? ow rates, internal pressure indi-


Sanna Zainoune is cated that there was obstruction in the a senior dynamic Børge E. Nygård is ? ow path. After pulling the bit to surface drilling solutions leading advisor on due to low rates of penetration, the bit engineer. She has drilling practices and was found under gauge, con? rming the worked in the oil and tools at Statoil. Børge diagnostic indicated by the BlackStream gas industry since started his career measurements.

2005, joining NOV in with Schlumberger in

Statoil commented that, “for drilling 2015. Sanna provides 2001 and has worked operations, understanding downhole technical support to operational projects with planning and conditions is key. In addition to ad- in the North Sea, advising on hole execution of drilling operations on- and vanced modeling of downhole condi- cleaning, vibration analysis, and drilling offshore for 15 years. He holds a master’s tions, high-speed telemetry and wired optimization. She holds a master’s degree degree in marine technology from the drill pipe enable us to monitor downhole in process engineering from Engineering Norwegian University of Science and data in real time, which was not avail-

School of Grenoble, France. Technology, Trondheim, Norway.

able before. Our goal for the future is

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