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PRODUCTS Power Generation



Source: Marintek/ABB

FLASC tion can also cut emissions, provide large online double-conversion marine

ODFJELL DRILLING/ additional electrical back-up during uninterruptible power supply (MUPS)

OCEANWIND vessel operation, and enable vessels to to support vital control processes, cut-

ZERO-EMISSION OFFSHORE use more sustainable and emission-free ting the risk of critical power loss and

DRILLING POWERED BY shore power where it is available in port. downtime. ABB’s MUPS ensures power


Norwegian offshore drilling contractor The MCS boiler, with smoke tubes, is backup for the of the subsea-crawler and available in vertical or horizontal con- processing plant.

Odfjell Drilling has invested in Ocean- wind, a developer of harsh environment fgurations, in 400V, 440V or 690V

FLASC foating wind turbines, which is planned versions. Operators of existing vessels

NON BATTERY BASED with combined boilers systems can also to enable zero-emission offshore drilling.

ENERGY STORAGE “Developing solutions to connect our upgrade to the PARAT ECS Electrical rigs to offshore wind installations is one Circulation Steam boiler. Start-up FLASC B.V. is pioneering the development of non-battery based en- possible road to zero emission drilling.

ABB ergy storage solutions for the offshore

With ownership in Oceanwind, we are

POWERING THE LARGEST sector. FLASC’s patented Hydro-Pneu- well-positioned to make it a reality,”

DIAMOND MINING SHIP matic Energy Storage (HPES) concept says Per Lund, EVP Technology & Sus-

The power system package on board the combines pressurised seawater with tainability of Odfjell Drilling.

world’s largest diamond recovery vessel compressed air to create an effcient, includes ABB’s solution for operational large-scale energy storage device that continuity for specialised offshore ships. can be applied across a wide range of


The new vessel is due delivery in 2022 offshore applications. The company


A new multi-fuel Combined Steam to De Beers venture Demarine Namibia has recently teamed up with Subsea 7

Boiler from Norwegian supplier PARAT from Romania’s Damen Shipyards Man- to bring the tech further, targeting a

Halvorsen adds Shore Power to power galia. number of use-cases: from conventional

In addition to power generation, distri- grid-connected wind farm applications source optimization options to maximize fexibility for seagoing and offshore assets. bution and variable speed drive propul- to decarbonisation initiatives in the off- sion systems, ABB’s solution includes a shore oil and gas sector.

The compact unit’s fexible confgura-


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