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Consequently, every new engine has to be equipped with a highly effcient insulation system. “We also have to look at and consider the aftertreatment devices, as large SCR systems become more common on ships,“ he said. “For example the aftertreamtment system is almost as big as the engine itself.

They too are hot, they too must meet SOLAS requirements.“

While new engines are a central focus, the larger market opportunity comes in the retroft sector, as there are many en- gines 20 years or older that could utilize an insulation retroft, which spurred Thermamax to develop its Tmax-Retroft. (See related story on page 38)

Thermamax Engineered Solutions

While many may not put‚ insulation‘ in the category of engineered solution, a stroll through the modern manufact- ing complex of Thermamax dispels that notion. It starts with the realization that the plant workers go about their busi- ness without masks, courtesy of a state-of-the-art air quality vaccum system which was installed and monitored regularly (Note: this visit was conducted pre-COVID-19).

There are many key factors to producing the bespoke en- gineered insulation solutions – from the latest laser cutting

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