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INTERVIEW Wenche Nistad in with a third guarantee package of an equal amount, this from Norway, the more you can count on getting guarantees time on behalf of Fred Olsen Windcarrier for a project in from GIEK,” says Nistad. “And right now, offshore wind has

Asia. Most recently it provided guarantee coverage amount- huge potential.” ing to around NOK 1.6B that helped cables specialist Nexans While the focus was offshore wind, Nistad was quick to

Norway secure a major contract with the Seagreen offshore point out that renewable energy of every stripe has been the wind farm under development off Scotland. “We have high domain of Norwegians for many years, a culture that his- capacity and we’re ready to take on a lot more business in this torically is respectful and in tune with its natural surrounds. sector,” said Nistad. “We can provide guarantees to anyone Hydro and solar power have been staples for years, and the involved in putting together a wind project, and we are very country has become a leader in the manufacture of advanced competitive compared to what is available internationally. We battery technology to power the country’s burgeoning feet don’t calculate an amount based on a mathematical model. of electric ferries, with the capacity to export this technology

The rule of thumb is basically, the more you consider buying globally, too.

Artist’s impression of the cable-laying vessel Nexans Aurora currently under construction at Norwegian yard Ulstein

Verf. GIEK is helping to fnance the vessel.


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