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LEADING OFF Digital Transformation ancies can be analyzed and local algorithms updated to ensure with drillers rather than making sure their numbers look good. optimal performance. For essential correlations to be discovered and valuable dis-

Transferring data reliably and securely at the right frequency cernments to be extracted, data analysts and SMEs should sit is another step in the process. The advent of “cube satellites,” together and leverage one another’s expertise. In today’s world

WiFi 6 and 5G protocol is helping lower the cost of transmis- of remote workers, this poses a challenge, new organizational sion and increase available bandwidth, and more importantly behavior skills need to be learned.

for the oil and gas sector, reach remote places where telecom- Highly functioning teams distinguish competent compa- munication is not available. nies from exceptional ones. Trust creates an atmosphere in

A culture of trust must be present for these processes to be which teams can excel and is vitally important to achieving a effective. Data must be normalized and accessed from various successful digital transformation.

data bases, and this requires cooperation across disciplines and Trust is based on empathy – understanding what others across companies. This means crossing the boundaries of typical feel and think – which leads to kindness and respect. Trust departmental silos. People have to be willing to cooperate and additionally depends on clarity. A well-articulated vision and share data and methodologies so teams can comfortably rely on purpose help everyone on the team to align, unifying team data and analysis from other groups within the company. members and improving motivation. Clear communication

Once data are made available to subject matter experts, they enables members at every level to understand how they can can be analyzed and correlated to be shared and transformed contribute and simplifes discussing priorities with supervi- into actionable information or better, reliable insight. More sors. Trust also requires humility, the willingness to listen and accurate drilling data can lead to a much better completion recognize that someone else could have a better idea. design once reservoir and completion engineers compare notes Groups function best when team members learn from one 14 OFFSHORE ENGINEER OEDIGITAL.COM

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