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LEADING OFF Digital Transformation




By Philippe Flichy, Independent Director & Digital Transformation Advisor at Endeavor Management he slowdown of the world economy and plummet- Nadella, it is “reimagining how you bring together people, ing energy consumption have eclipsed most other in- data, and processes to create value and maintain a competitive dustry news. Oil exporting countries are coming to advantage in a digital-frst world.” Data is central to this new

T terms with limiting production to sustain reasonable approach, and Nadella believes a shift in corporate culture is prices, and operators are looking for ways to improve effciency. required to bring people, data, and processes together in a

At the same time, the marketplace created by the pandemic is new way. The “processes” Nadella refers to are the many steps forcing companies to work differently. Telepresence and remote required to transform data into insights.

work have become the norm, and this directly impacts how Oil and gas executives associate digital business transforma- work is organized and relationships are maintained. The new, tion with operational effciencies, cost reductions, and increased distributed work environment requires discipline in the way productivity. Because of the range of activities performed in an teams conduct activities and demands a level of trust that sur- offshore environment, such improvements are only attainable passes anything the industry has experienced in the past. via extensive use of data to perform meaningful correlations.

At this infexion point, it is important to examine the digi- Operators can gather more data at higher frequency rates tal transformation that is guiding the evolution of the indus- to rationalize activities, simplify workfows, optimize mainte- try and better understand the critical role trust plays as com- nance activities and improve well and reservoir management. panies learn to compete in a more digital world. This is possible because the cost of sensors and processing

The frst question that needs to be answered is, “What is equipment going down while their capabilities are increasing.

digital transformation?” According to Microsoft CEO Satya In the trend toward broader and faster data gathering, the

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