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Short Sea Shipping Ports

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platform’s set-up. Who exactly are your customers – do you act as the middle man between the cargo owner and the ship- is a state-of-the-art, web-based, easy-to- ping companies?

use system that utilizes the cloud. It does not require the installa- tion of any software. This is important to our customers because Our customers are the members of the shipping community, everyone wants to be able to access real-time information on their including freight forwarders, shippers, custom brokers and ev- mobile devices, not just their computers. eryone in between. Specializing in drayage solutions, BookYo- urCargo consistently provides customers with truckers, even in a

For truckers, BookYourCargo’s platform helps in man- trucker shortage, using fully digitized processes for handling ad- aging their return journey/idle hours whereas for ship- ministrative aspects, such as billing and scheduling and enhanced pers, it helps them to accomplish their needs with planning tools including real-time dashboards.

real-time cargo visibility from origin to the destination.

What actual data feeds do truckers have access to? It seems that one of your functions is to more effcient- ly route cargo so that truckers can get in more loads on

Truckers receive critical information regarding available loads, a given day, with less waiting. Would that be accurate?

size, congestion, POD, etc. That said; each trucker decides how to receive the information—it may be by text, email, an alert or to One function of BookYourCargo is to help ensure the behind- use the ‘app.’ Part of the appeal is the fexibility and ease of use the-scenes work is handled properly so that they can not lose their as well as the customization to respond to how the trucker prefers space in the queue, which helps the driver spend less time wait- to receive the intel. ing. In addition, the transparency of information in our system helps the truck drivers plan—we provide updates on congestion, on weather, on wait times at the terminals, and we try to arrange appointments at times that work best for them.

Because of multiple issues, the roster of truck drivers is quickly diminishing. Compare the situation today to that which existed just fve years ago. Is it getting worse?

The drayage truck driver shortage is defnitely getting worse while the demands are increasing. The ELD rules mandating their hours plus the wait times at the terminals are making this a less attractive career path choice. The shortage could reach 50,000 truckers in the near future. The industry has a responsibility to proactively develop solutions, especially as e-commerce contin- ues to explode and the demand for truck drivers are already far outpacing the supply.

Ensuring faster transactions and constant control over operations, BookYourCargo’s one-window Technology

Aggregation Platform seamlessly integrates all the stakeholders in cargo supply chain, including import- ers, exporters, shippers, BCOs, NVOs, freight forward- ers, on one side and truckers and intermodal operators on the other. Tell us about your tracking technology.

Ensuring faster transactions and constant control over operations,

BookYourCargo’s one-window Technology Aggregation Platform seamlessly integrates supply chain stakeholders, including import- ers, exporters, shippers, BCO’s, NVO’s, freight forwarders on one side, and truckers and intermodal operators on the other. We pro- vide instant competitive quotes with live, high-visibility cargo and trucker tracking. We are currently connected with all ports and rail ramps to secure information regarding the containers, and plans to create a GPS tracking piece are in development.

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