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Passenger Vessels

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? re onboard the M/V Conception, which occurred in

September of 2019. We take seriously the ? ndings and recommendations issued by the National Transportation

Safety Board (NTSB) related to this incident. We at PVA are committed to safety and have been since our inception.

The actions of the MV Conception are far from typical of our industry. PVA is working with NTSB and has met with

NTSB Board Member Michael Graham to raise awareness about PVA members commitment to safety including ? re safety on board our member’s vessels. PVA is also working talking with PVA member ? re safety equipment vendors to discuss the availability of products as we encourage the voluntary installation of interconnected smoke and ? re detectors. PVA brings years of experience working with

Coast Guard on ? re safety policies and its long-standing ? re safety training program for crew. The NTSB also re- iterated the need for our industry to implement a Safety

Management Systems (SMS). Fortunately, PVA proac- tively created such a program for PVA members several years ago. PVA’s “Flagship” SMS has been recognized by the Coast Guard as meeting the functional requirements of a SMS and is scalable within the small passenger vessel ? eet. PVA is poised to support companies as they continu- ously improve the safety of their operation.

PVA virtual convention at MariTrends 2021

Our association also remains agile during this time by piv- oting to a virtual MariTrends 2021 convention. Scheduled

February 16-18, 2021, PVA will bring its member network together virtually for educational seminars, roundtable dis- cussions, and product demonstrations with the goal of ? nd- ing new business solutions. The PVA Virtual Convention at

MariTrends 2021 Convention allows us to connect with our fellow vessel operators and our vendors and suppliers as we consider our challenges and brainstorm new approaches to business. Registration is open now and the initial agenda is posted at

New PVA digital marketing program

I am also thrilled to announce that PVA will soon launch a new digital marketing program to assist PVA members cope with the effects of COVID 19 and get the word out to the travelling public that the passenger vessels are safe, and most importantly, offer fun experiences. This newest association bene? t will help bring customers back to our businesses just in time for the spring season.

I am looking forward to seeing the passenger vessel industry move into a new season of recovery and rebuilding. PVA will be there to provide the support and tools to help us get there.

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