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Passenger Vessels

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ter to members encouraging them to sions accordingly. PVA members have utilize the association as a part of their reported severe disruption to their team as they navigate this crisis. I am businesses. Many companies have happy to report that PVA members lost the entirety of their 2020 oper- have embodied that call to action; we ating season. If they are operating at are truly “Stronger Together.” all, most companies have experienced reductions in revenue by as much as 90% and have laid off or furloughed as

The current state of our industry

The reality of the situation is that much as 80% of their employees.

My own business, Stan Stephens the passenger vessel industry has been devastated by COVID-19 and our Glacier and Wildlife Cruises, has also felt the impact of COVID-19. My businesses are doing everything pos- sible to survive. Nationwide, vessel father started the company in 1971, operators are constantly adapting to offering day cruises to the Meares and

Columbia glaciers near Valdez, Alas- ever-changing state and local require- ka; an operation I grew up in. This ments as well as unpredictable cus- tomer behavior. We have been forced year we made the dif? cult business decision not to operate for the season to reevaluate and make business deci-

PVA has always been the voice of the passenger vessel industry in

Washington D.C. This year, PVA has worked tirelessly to seek needed federal emergency stimulus funding for the industry and its efforts have paid off.

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