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Q&A erators and naval architects to help get people toward zero emissions, and that’s really what BAE Systems is about, is getting people closer and closer to zero emissions.

We believe that mitigating emissions through electric systems has a compounding effect, and that not only eas- es the burden on our precious environment, but it helps people to experience lower noise in their vessel, reduce crew fatigue through less vibration and ? nancially helps the bottom line through reduced fuel expenses and main- tenance costs. These are all reasons why it makes sense for people to consider hybrid and electric technology in this path toward getting to zero emissions. One other thing is sometimes it’s the small things that get overlooked, but they’re really a nice bene? t and should be considered into the ROI analysis. For example, an electric ferry, they don’t have to go to the fuel dock anymore; and we all know that going to the fuel dock takes time and you have to wait to bunker and it’s expensive. But now with an electric ferry, every time you pull into the dock and plug in, you’re essen- tially taking on fuel. That’s really an added bene? t to help people consider taking on that new technology.

Where has the technology found success in the marine industry to date?

JH: We have found that hybrid and electric propulsion technology makes a lot of sense for applications such as re- search and survey vessels. Vessels like Norwalk Aquarium,

Spirit of the Sound and City University of New York’s re- search vessel, they’ve been able to promote environmental

Please walk us through the BAE Systems’ stewardship while operating on sensitive coastal areas, and experience with electri? cation.

they do that with our hybrid and electric technology.

JH: BAE Systems has been aware of the need to address Additionally, tour operators, such as Red & White Fleet emissions for decades, and this challenge has become one in San Francisco, they’ve been able to conduct quiet and of our valued missions and is the purpose behind our Power low emissions tours and really ease their carbon footprint and Propulsion Solutions Division located in New York. It’s in an urban landscape setting, all at the same time they’re here in America that we proudly build our core technol- experiencing and reporting fuel savings of around 30%, ogy, the HybriGen system, which has grown out of 20 plus which is very signi? cant.

years of investment and innovation. We ? rst demonstrated Then if you look at our transportation sector, hybrid our success in HybriGen electric power and propulsion sys- and electric technology works there too, and we’ve seen tems in the transit bus industry. We’ve been able to leverage it demonstrated in Washington’s Kitsap Transit passen- over 20 plus years and 13,000 systems in operation today to ger ferry, the Waterman that’s providing daily commuter bring that over to the maritime sector. During the last ? ve service, all with clean improving hybrid technology, and years, we’ve worked with a variety of boat builders and op- the Harbor Harvest vessel has become a ? rst in America MN 11|

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